The Alpacore "SEGOL" Advantage

About Segol...

Segol is unique!

No insecticidal Oil compares in either physical attributes or performance.

Right from the start, Alpacore wants to focus on the holistic needs of the grower community.

From commodities to speciality products, Alpacore harnesses three complementary businesses to help growers succeed.

Speciality formulations

New product development and technologies are the lifeblood of Alpacore.


From years of experience, partnership with academic researchers, Alpacore is designed to help the professional farmers be more profitable by using the latest technologies and implementing the latest innovations in agriculture.

Dealer support

Our range of spray oils are marked by a range of distributors all over Europe.

The Segol Advantage is a set of key benefits that provide optimally balanced pesticidal strength with extremely low phytotoxicity – meaning you get the protection you need without harming the environment or your bottom line.

The Segol Advantage


Remains long enough on the crop to be effective, but not too long to become hazardous to the crop.


Promotes an evenly spreaded layer on the crop with limited loss of the tank mix onto the ground.

Create & Prevents

Creates an even oil film on the crop, prevents pests to go on the plant.


Primary mode of action is asphyxiation, no resistance built up against oil treatments.


Low impact on beneficials


Safe for crops and humans


Enhances activity of partner products

Wide Range

Wide range of compatibilities

local research & Development

Built on the back of local research & development


Extremely pure and biodegradable, thus delivering significant advantages in terms of environmental impact and healt


Excellent selectivity allows products to be used both during winter and during growth

High & Low

High flash points and low vapor pressure for safe and cost-effective transportation and storage